//   M I X E S   B Y   N A S D I A   S E L E K T A Z   &   F R I E N D S

selekta title style info
TARé VS ogTRONIC    "still raven"    unreleased mixtape 2005...    90,48min 208mb
Y O U+PLASTIC FOX    "luv sensation"    selected house_garage 1985-1996...    94,26min 216mb
Y O U    "vie de nuit"    future_garage_deep_house_pop_dance...    92,34min 212mb
TRONIC    "necronom"    drum`n`bass_tech step...    82,01min 188mb
400mL    "koolin down X"    elektro...    102,32min 000mb
TRONIC    in the mix 1996"    old skool drum`n`bass_jungle_jump up...    89,37min 205mb
MAY KI DREAD + GANGZTA KID   7030 hotta session    reggae_roots_rock steady_ska...    108,12min 248mb
Y O U    "the loft sound"    loft_disco boogie_garage...    129,22min 296mb
GANGZTA KID    "TravelINC dUb Selection #5"    dub_steppaz...    69,32min 159mb
D-RAY+WOLF    "two out of millions"    drum`n`bass...    89,32min 205mb
CLEMENS NOVA    "leaving candor"    deep drum`n`space...    51,55min 119mb
TRONIC    "X-mas mix 1996"    drum`n`bass...    79,23min 182mb
Y O U    "jeunesse éternelle"    deep houze,loft,disco boogie,wave,trip hop...    137min 314mb
TRONIC    "Tronic in the mix 1999"    drum`n`bass_tech step...    46min 196,4mb
GANGZTA KID    "TravelINC DUB Selection_part4"    dub_rootz_steppaz_dubwize...    91,04min 208,4mb
CLEMENS NOVA    "Rasta DizKo"    jungle...    65,18min 195.1mb
TRONIC    "Subscience Radio 2016"    drum`n`bass_halfstep_techstep...    59,06min 196,0mb
TRONIC    "20 YEARZ inna JUNGLE"    old skool_jungle classics 1995...    93,03min 162,0mb
CLEMENS NOVA    "hail to the lion"    drum`n`bazz_ragga jungle...    45,34min 195.1mb
TRONIC    "in the mix 1997"    drum´n´bass_tech step_dark step...    66min 153,0mb
GANGZTA KID    "dUb THEEND"    dubwize_rootz_steppaz...    51,18min 196,0mb
TRONIC    "junglist massive"    junglist massive at train control 1995...    66,42min 152,0mb
PROCEED    "elektro smog"    elektro_subscience radio...    108,44min 161.6mb
JOLLEX    "pollum"    dubstep_garage_deepstep_techno...    114,17min 161.6mb
OG TRONIC    "Ventral Vibrations @ institut für zukunft_11.10.14"    drum`n`bazz_steptek_halfbeat_subscience_jungle...    72.24min 157.3mb
Taré    "babylon on fire"    raggatek_jungletek_tribecore_breakcore...    84.01min 192.4mb
DUBDRAY    "awareness_advocate"    deepstep_drum`n`bass_halfstep_dubwize...    50.55min 55.5mb
GANGZTA KID    "TravelINC_Dub"    dub_steppaz_rootz_dubwize...    85.07min 194.8mb
GANGZTA KID    "Run Revolution A Come"    reggae_roots_dubwize...    83.00min 190.96mb
CLEMENS NOVA    "rude bwoi thiz!"    drum`n`bazz_ragga jungle...    85.15min 195.1mb
C U N    "departed"    dubstep_garage_deepstep...    81.55min 164.6mb
Y O U    "Nous Passons"    subwize...    118.24min 271.0mb
OG TRONIC    "set speed"    drum`n`bazz_steptek_halfbeat_subscience...    76min 174.02mb
PIRATE    "AufgemerCkt"    elektromica_downtempo_merck stuff...    78min 143.03mb
NOIZE CREATOR    "storm from the east pt.1"    Dungeon Dubstep...    61.45min 84.8mb
HISTEPPA feat.mcDRESSLA    "live@subscienceshow"    dubstep_garage_...    45.min 41.9mb
OG TRONIC    "night drive"    dubstep_future garage_substep_...    89.min 205.03mb
Taré    "anarchy worldwide!"    breakcore_raggatek_tribecore_raggacore_gangzta rave_...    69.56min 221.09mb
Y O U    "waiting for"    deephouze_chicago_subwize_plechno...    87.29min 223.13mb
OG TRONIC    "at bassmaessage_zoro_LE 02.11.2012 "    ragga_jungle_drum`n´bass_gangzta bass_...    83.08min 190.28mb
JUNKTION    "coast 2 coast"    jungle_drum`n`bass_...    69min 143.09mb
GANGZTA KID    "traveling dub selection"    Dubwize_...    78min 179.49mb
OG TRONIC    "leaving thiz world"    dubstep_future garage_...    61min 84.54mb
OG TRONIC    "dem a soundboy run"    gangzta jungle core-raggatek_drum`n´bazz...    59min 137.08mb
GANGZTA KID    "lets go to zion"    reggae_roots_dubwize...    77min 177.95mb
JUNKTION    "MR Friendly Takeover 01"    mostly 90s jungle_drum'n'bass...    80min 146mb
GANGZTA KID    "zion road selektion"    86-96er RAGGAMUFFIN STYLE...    74min 102.03mb
GangZta KiD OG TRONIC    at zoro_LE 11.12.2010]    gangZta jungle-drum`n`baZZ...    86min 118.05mb
OG TRONIC    "ReturN2ZerO"[dedicated2base+dandruff]    bloodclart gangzta jungle-strictly 95er RuFFcoRe biz...    105min 144.95mb
C U N    "no end in sight"    deepstep_garage..    97min 222mb
MAK + OG TRONIC    "Deutscher Herbst" @Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst    phantomtoys_scannoise ..    110mb
ogTRONIC    "urban suicide part 1_2"    drum´n´bass_subscience_...    90min 199.00mb
ogTRONIC    "Come to my sweet melodie_ 1999"    2step_london garage_ragarage_...    90min 110.83mb
OG TRONIC    "data life"    drum´n´bass_subscience_stepTEK_...    116min 160.41mb
OG TRONIC    "gangzta bass"    dubstep_gangzta bass_dubwize...    86min 79.34mb
OG TRONIC    big up and bun here    dubstep..    66.6min 88mb
og_TRONIC feat. Taré    "LUVizm"    elektronics_breakcore_jungle_hip hop_2006...    80,00min 200,6mb
PLASTIC FOX    FUN OF UNDERGROUND 1990    acid house_chicago_hip house_rapp_1990...    82,44min 166,6mb

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